“I had a deep cleaning and my mouth feels a lot better.  Why do you want me to come in every three months and why does it cost more?”

Periodontal disease can not be cured since the bone that holds your teeth in can never grow back.  If you think of this disease like any other medical condition, it’s easier to understand that we can only control your symptoms and progression of bone loss.

Often times, your mouth will feel 100% better after we remove the tartar and infection but the lack of bleeding and pain does not mean you out of the woods.  A three to four month interval with the hygienist allows them to remove harmful bacteria and irritating tartar that continually form.

A periodontal maintenance visit is more involved than a regular cleaning so our fees and insurance codes must accurately reflect the procedure we perform for the condition of each patient.



Please watch the video summary below.

3 Month Recare Procedure