This is HUGE!

Dr. Steakley and staff are proud to offer some of the most innovative tools in dentistry including digital x-rays and laser treatments.  We are so excited to have been chosen as one of only fifty offices to serve as product evaluators. This is one of the greatest technologies to be developed in our lifetime:

 Introducing the RDH 5000

Although this product is not planned to go into full production until the summer of 2014, we have been given the rare opportunity to demo this state of the art and completely forward thinking robotic dental hygiene humanoid!!!

Spaces will be very limited but we would love to get your feedback.  If you are interested in a twenty minute preventive appointment with the RDH 5013, please call our office today and check on scheduling.   Our evaluation will take place April 15th-19th 2013.  You must be 18 or older to register and all participants will have services provided at no charge.




 April Fools 🙂