A common wive’s tale that we hear:  “I lost a tooth for every one of my children.”   Some people believe calcium is actually taken from the teeth to provide for their unborn child which caused the decay and bone loss during pregnancy.






Women who consume diets high in vegetables, nuts, seeds, and grains can have 10 babies, nurse them all, and still have the bone density of a 20-year-old when they are 70.

A baby can consume 80% of its mother’s calcium intake but that calcium is never removed from your teeth to provide for the baby.


Don’t blame your children for your weak teeth!

Pregnant women should take extra care for getting the vitamins and nutrients they need for themselves and the developing child.  Since hormones can cause an exaggerated reaction to dental plaque, she should also brush and floss better than ever to prevent infection and decay.  Bleeding is never normal, even during pregnancy.  We recommend a cleaning every three to four months during this most important time!