In order for our staff to give you the best dental treatment, we need to know which medications you are taking.  The oral-systemic link a very important part of comprehensive treatment planning.  More simply, what’s going on in the rest of your body can strongly impact your dental health.  


We want all of our patients to be healthy and happy so we try to pass along helpful information like this:


1.  Blood pressure medications– They can depress the entire nervous system and inhibit vitamins and nutrients.

2.  Statin drugs to lower cholesterol- Known to inhibit muscle growth and production of energy at the cellular lever (in the mitochondria)

3.  Benzodiazepines– The sedative effects worsen as time goes on, building patient tolerance and requiring more medication than can cause more sleepiness.

4.  Proton pump inhibitors (Prevacid and Prilosec)- These medications can delete magnesium levels in the blood which is needed for energy production.

5.  Antihistamines– Known to cause tiredness. (Because the antihistamine is not specific only to histamine receptors, it can also effect acetylcholine receptors. Once diphenhydramine has blocked an acetylcholine receptor, the acetylcholine reuptake is no longer able to occur. This results in an excess of acetylcholine in your system, leading to drowsiness

6.  Antipsychotics– Tend to lower dopamine levels in the body

7.  Antidepressants–  Acts by inhibiting serotonin and norepinephrine

8.  Antibiotics–  Although there is great debate as to which is causing the fatigue (the infection or the medication)  they are know to cause extreme fatigue and tiredness in some patients

9.  Diuretics–  May draw out electrolytes like sodium, potassium and chloride.  This can lead to mineral deficiencies.


All of these medications are also known to cause dry mouth.

 Saliva is the most important element protecting your teeth and gums.  As a general rule, LESS MEDICATION IS BETTER so do everything you can to prevent the need for these prescriptions.  

We encourage our clients to stay healthy by eating a well rounded diet, getting plenty of rest and exercise, and working with us to keep your mouth in the best shape possible.