Does a trip to the dental office make you nervous?

You are not alone!  There are several ways to reduce your stress when you come in to see us:

1.  Choose early morning appointments

Getting your visit over with  first thing may keep you from anticipating all of your negative feelings throughout the day.  Take any medications you are prescribed and eat a healthy breakfast so that your body is better able to deal with nervousness. You may also want to reduce your caffeinated coffee.   Insulin dependent diabetics and those with high blood pressure need to make sure to follow their usual protocol and NOT miss their scheduled dose. Many medical emergencies happen because the proper medications were skipped at home.  Stress and local anesthetics can make things even more complicated.

2.  Listen to a happy tune

Bring headphones if you are here for a long appointment or need to relax for a few minutes prior to your visit.  Our lobby also has magazines and television for all of your distraction needs.

3. Get a pulse oximeter 


This easy to use and non-invasive device is a great way for you to see what your heart rate and blood oxygen levels are.  With time and practice, you will learn how slow breathing and relaxation techniques can bring your heart rate down, making you feel more at ease in the office.  These can be found in retail stores for around $23.

4.  Remember that we are here to help

Be assured that we want everyone to walk away happy so we use laser and digital technology as often as possible, providing minimally invasive procedures for a more comfortable experience.


We hope that these three tips and a friendly staff will ease your mind.  As always, feel free to call if you have any questions or suggestions for improving our office approach. 727-822-2283