OH NO!!!  Now What?!?

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Biking accidents, sporting injuries, toddler tantrums… no matter the cause, a lost tooth can be a very scary situation.  If a tooth gets knocked out, there is still a chance it can be saved.

1.  Handle the lost tooth very carefully by holding it on the white tip, not the root.

2.  If the tooth is dirty, rinse it will milk or salt water only.

3.  Try to put the tooth back in the socket and bite on a wet tea bag or clean cloth.

4.  If you cannot hold the tooth in it’s original space, store it between your cheek and gum to keep it moist with your own saliva.


The chances of keeping the tooth increase greatly with these recommendations, but it is highly likely that you will need root canal therapy. Dr. Steakley will need splint the tooth in place for one to two weeks with wire, a clear plastic tray or fiber and bonding agents.

You may still lose the tooth permanently if it does not reattach correctly.  In this unfortunate situation, we will help you decide on a replacement tooth. Implants, bridges and partial dentures are common options.


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