Healthy-Foods1Here are a few suggestions for choosing teeth friendly meals:

*  Firm foods like apples and celery have a high water content which helps buffer the sugars they contain.  Also, crunchy snacks actually rub some of the sticky plaque right off of your teeth.

*  Cheeses, nuts, chicken and milk can protect tooth enamel by providing calcium and phosphorus.  These minerals help our teeth repair themselves after each acidic attack.

*  Raisins, although very sticky, contain antibacterial properties.  Cheddar cheese also helps buffer the saliva pH.  Both of these are good choices for snacking in between meals.

*Foods that are acidic, such as fruits and tomatoes should be eaten as part of a larger meal.  This will reduce the effects of their acid on your teeth.

*Finish any meal with a few sips of water.  Rinsing with water helps to bring the pH in your mouth back to normal.


The most important thing to remember is that sugar is a food source for the germs in your mouth.   Any snacking, especially on sweets and carbohydrates, will grow more bacteria and put you at a higher risk for decay.  Along with healthy eating habits, brushing twice a day to remove germs above the gum line and flossing once a day to remove the germs under the gum line is the best way to ward off cavities.

Here is a helpful little formula:




 pH- a measure of acidity or basicity of any solution.  A pH less than 7 is acidic and a solution with a pH greater than 7 is basic (alkaline).  Pure water has a pH very close to 7 and your saliva should also stay as close to neutral as possible