A dental examination can’t be complete without a full set of X-rays.  Dental X-rays help Dr. Steakley find diseases of your teeth, the bone that holds them in and surrounding tissue that cannot be seen with a simple visual exam.  Also, X-rays help us find and treat problems early on, which can potentially save you money, discomfort, and maybe even your life.

How Often Should Teeth Be X-rayed?

We take X-rays of your teeth depending on your individual medical and dental history.  Some people may need them as often as every six months and others with no recent dental or gum disease who visit their dentist regularly may get X-rays only every couple of years. If you are a new patient, we need these images as part of your initial exam and to establish a baseline record from which to compare changes that may occur over time. If you have records and films from a previous office, please bring them with you and we will keep them as a part of your permanent file.

DEXIS digital x-ray system

As of Jan 2013, only 50% of dental offices had switched to a digital system!!

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The digital radiography system we use office produces 1/10th the radiation of traditional paper film allowing us to get high quality images of your teeth without the worry of too much exposure. Using a highly accurate and versatile process, we take up close images with a sensor connected to a computer. You can see your images within seconds!







We also have a digital PANOREX machine for a broader viewing of your entire jaw.  These are needed  when checking for abnormalities and wisdom teeth that cannot be with seen with a set of bitewings or single periapical films.







More benefits of using digital systems:

1.  Better infection control

2.  Split second images

3.  Easy export through e-mail

4.  Improved images