575473_486946561378046_1451007497_nSaturday October 5th 2013

Cardboard City Campout

31st St. South in St. Pete

with Hannah’s Homeless

In two weeks our hygienist Charlotte will be spending the night with her family in a cardboard fort.  She and many other participants are raising funds for Hannah’s Homeless, a nonprofit geared at helping the homeless community with their basic needs and the hope for a better future.  The upcoming event at the Boyd Hill Pioneer Settlement is going to be lots of fun and you can expect live entertainment, roasting marshmallows, contests with prizes and much more.

“Sleep in a cardboard box so someone else doesn’t have to!”


A big thanks to Dr. Steakley for donating gift bags with toothbrushes, paste and floss to the cardboard city residents.   You too can help by registering for the event, making a donation thru their web page, or dropping off your donations to the office!


If you would like to join in the fun, please visit www.hannahshomeless.org