The July 2013 issue of Woman’s World had a beautiful full page add dedicated to the miraculous health benefits of the Calendula flower.  This cousin to the marigold is said to have multiple healing properties that will make you “look and feel amazing” and that it is the “magic medicine flower”.


The message in this photo ad is right on track, pointing out that there is a significant oral/systemic link caused by  bacteria found in the mouth.

Remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

According to a study cited in the Research Journal of Medicinal Plant 2010 4:3 (132-140), the calendula extract toothpaste has been recommended as an adjunct for the improvement of gingival inflammation.  Brushing with the calendula toothpaste led to significant reductions in plaque index and bleeding upon probing in a double-blind clinical study of 40 volunteers diagnosed with gingivitis.


Although the health benefits of this and many other flowers may seem promising, the article failed to mention that proper brushing and FLOSSING are essential to a healthy mouth.

 Don’t depend on flowers or “MAGIC” potions- take charge with your dental health.

If your gums are bleeding, it is important to have an exam by a dentist.  The infection is your mouth should be treated so that it doesn’t cause other health problems. When you establish a great home care routine, your entire mouth will start to look and feel better. Then you can choose your favorite natural toothpaste.