Let’s face it, a trip to the dentist can be stressful and at times… confusing.  We are here to help with a few tips on how to reduce your anxiety and make sure your appointment goes smoothly for all of us.


1.  Brush your teeth, partials or dentures prior to your appointment.

  • Even if you are here for a cleaning, it is very helpful for our staff to have tooth surfaces that are free of food and heavy plaque.   Diagnosis and treatment are much easier when we see can how well you brush and floss.

2.  Arrive on time.

  • We do our best to stay on schedule but the entire day can get thrown off by a no- show, tardiness and emergencies.  
  • To save time on paperwork, we encourage you to fill out forms online: MEDICAL HISTORY FORM

3.  Bring Head phones

  • Even though we use the laser for quite a few procedures, there are still sounds that your mind automatically decides are negative.  We have basic cable stations if you would like a distraction, but some people prefer to relax to their own music.  

4.  Know your insurance coverage.

  • Although we verify your insurance prior to treatment, we cannot guarantee the coverage.  It’s important to be familiar with your deductibles, coverage for certain procedures and whether we are in the network of providers.
  • We give treatment plans as an estimate for procedures that need to be done so that you can plan out your payment.

5.  Ask questions.

  • Write down your questions when you think of them at home so you don’t forget.
  • We will explain what we are doing as the appointment progresses, but feel free to stop and ask questions if you are not sure you understand. 

6.  Stop at the front desk on your way out.

  • We need to collect your co payment at the time of service and the remainder will be billed to your insurance company.
  • Schedule the next appointment.  It’s easy to forget to come back if it’s not on your calendar.

7.  Let us know how we are doing.

  • No one is perfect right?!  Feel free to leave feedback on our performance so that we can continually make your visits the best possible and if you feel inclined, we love to hear success stories as well.