Please watch this short video from the makers of Clinpro:

Many of you are “high risk” and “high maintenance”

There are many situations that would prompt our staff to recommend a patient use a prescription toothpaste.  Often times we find out that someone has forgotten exactly why they need to do so and they since haven’t noticed a change in how their mouth feels, so they stop using it.


Here are a few high risk scenarios:

*One or more decayed teeth during the last three years

*Dry mouth

*Medications or medical conditions that cause dry mouth

*Exposed root surfaces

*Currently in braces

*Many multi-surface fillings

*Enamel defects

*Eating disorders

*Chemo or radiation therapy

*Drugs, and alcohol or smoking

*Poor oral hygiene

*Poor health

*Frequent snacking

*Soda, juices or energy drinks frequently


One of the best products we have to offer our patients is a tube of take home Clinpro 5000, a low abrasive toothpaste that strengthens the enamel and creates a slicker tooth surface that helps prevent plaque, calculus, stain and sensitivity.


Although the instruction say to brush normally with Clinpro, adults benefit from leaving a finger smudge of paste on the areas most at risk without rinsing away afterwards.